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Insurance can be complicated and at times, even confusing. Williams-Manny Insurance Group has built a team of trusted advisors to help make the insurance buying process easier. This group of professionals will take the time necessary to insure what you need - not simply look for a way to beat the cost of your current insurance bill, as some others promise.  

Our process begins with a review of your current policy. In addition, we will ask a series of questions that will allow us to better identify what your insurance need might be. As an independent agency, we have relationships with many companies. We are not a “one-size-fits-all” agency. This allows our customers to benefit by mixing our professional knowledge with superior insurance companies. The insurance world is ever-changing, but our team remains at the forefront of product knowledge, services offered, and continuing their education in the industry.  

Our talented group of Personal Lines agents can help insure you before an accident happens. But what happens when an accident does occur?  Williams-Manny Insurance Group offers a dedicated team of claim professionals that will assist you every step of the way. It’s personal service from another professional in your own community to work with you, not someone at an 800 number.