Home and Property

Fire, wind, hail and water damage can cause a huge financial strain on individuals and families that own property. Williams-Manny Insurance Group can help protect this property with the following types of insurance policies:

  1. Homeowner’s Insurance: Insures your home, personal property and other structures on your land.
  2. Renters Insurance: Even though your landlord has insurance on your apartment building or house, you still need to protect your personal property with this policy.
  3. Condominium Unit-Owners Insurance: Depending on your association’s by-laws, you may need to insure the part of the building that you own in addition to your personal property.
  4. Personal Property: Certain types of your Scheduled Personal Property may need specific insurance, including jewelry, fine carts, collectibles and firearms to name a few.   
  5. Other Types of Property Insurance Policies: Let us show you some of your options if you are a landlord or property owner; own a mobile home, second home or seasonal home, vacant home; and flood insurance.   

If someone is injured or someone else’s property is damaged due to your negligence, you need to be protected. Our comprehensive policies also protect you against personal liability and these claims.  

You need the proper insurance coverage before an accident or mishap occurs. As your trusted advisor, we have the products and knowledge to provide you with a policy that protects your individual situation