Williams-Manny knows Wellness

We know at least 40-65% of all healthcare costs are preventable, but the majority of our healthcare spend does NOT go towards prevention. As a result, many health conditions go undiagnosed until they become a major problem.  Our in-house wellness coordinator will work with your Williams-Manny benefits consultant to customize a wellness solution for your organization.  The result?  We help you control costs while giving you healthier and happier employees.

Wellness and PPACA  - This derives the most value while staying compliant. Our wellness coordinator works closely with our in-house certified PPACA specialist to ensure our wellness solutions not only comply with ever-changing healthcare regulations but also maximize the limits of the law. We design programs including contribution strategies compliant with both overall wellness and smoking cessation.

On-Site Annual Health Screening - Wellness health screenings keeping employees healthy and informed!  Our screenings provide results which are easy to understand and lay out clearly for the member their current health situation.

Health Risk Appraisals - Appraisals are completed to identify both healthy and unhealthy behaviors that may not be apparent through health screenings. These assessments will validate current healthy behaviors and encourage continued healthy practices. We then provide a wellness profile providing a numeric score and/or "snapshot" of an employee's health.

Access to Health Professionals - Williams-Manny provides access to health professionals beyond our own in-house wellness coordinator who can answer follow up questions and give additional direction over and above what is provided by the health screenings and assessments. This added service increases the plan’s effectiveness and the possibility of healthy behavior change.  Access to our wellness coordinator and additional health coaches are some of the ways we help motivate to healthy actions.

Hope Newsletter
Our Hope News Letter is a monthly letter we email to our clients. These letters include various articles on health, wellbeing, tips and recipes.  These letters can be distributed to your employees if you choose to.