Voluntary Benefits

As the landscape of healthcare and employee benefits changes, it has become clear that employers must provide access to a variety of benefits for their employees in order to maintain a competitive benefits package. Voluntary benefits (also called worksite or ancillary benefits) have become increasingly popular in recent years. As more supplemental plans become available, employers are faced with difficult choices in selecting the best plans for their employees while also keeping costs reasonable.

We work with the best providers to ensure that we are identifying and delivering the greatest value to your employees. We prioritize clear communication with employees in explaining coverage options and conducting the enrollment.  Prior to participation, employees will learn plan features, benefits, and cost. They are then able to make an informed decision, participating in plans that fit their budgets and meet their needs.  Once enrolled, employees also have easy access to us - we are available throughout the year to provide counsel and assistance whenever the need comes up.

Voluntary benefits can be offered as stand-alone benefits or to enrich a traditional benefits package. Offering voluntary benefits increases employee retention as it shows employees they are valued and appreciated. Enrollments may be conducted in conjunction with group medical enrollments or at any time throughout the year.

Some features of voluntary benefits include:

  1. Extra layer of financial protection for individuals, especially in the event of a catastrophic illness or accident.
  2. Offered at no cost to the employer and low cost to the employee.
  3. Help employees fill the gaps created by rising co-pays and higher deductibles.
  4. Rather than paying doctors and providers, supplemental policies pay the policyholder directly, so employees have money when they need it most.
  5. Premiums can be payroll deducted and administration is simple. Support is available for plan administrators when needed.